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Our mission

CTV was founded in 1989 for transporting containers in the Venlo region. A few years later, we broadened our horizon and started to specialize in offering intermodal transport from the western seaports.

Over the years we have continued to specialize in intermodal transport and have grown into what we are today; an innovative and transparent intermodal service provider focused on sustainability and quality.

CTV is located in Venlo, Duisburg and Basel where we are constantly trying to find the best intermodal solution for our customers. With our unique and innovative IT tools, we are able to give you real-time insight into your own shipments.

What we are good at

Why we are special


CTV has been working on sustainability for years by trying to reduce the carbon footprint with intermodal transport solutions. Our aim is to carry out the largest share of the transports by train or barge. Only the last miles to the warehouse will be transported by truck.

In 2020 we’ve introduced the first e-truck for container transport in the Venlo region. The truck is 100% electric and has a range of 150 km. This way we can carry out the last-mile with zero emission. Using the e-truck in our intermodal concept gives us the possibility to transport more sustainable than ever before!


In 2020, CTV started developing its own IT systems that are fully in line with our services. Developing systems in-house has given us the opportunity to fulfill our “out of the box” ideas. For example, we have developed a Control Tower that allows you to monitor the containers throughout the entire intermodal route.

All our vehicles are equipped with GPS. This way we can also provide you with real-time insight into the location of the container. In addition, the Control Tower can proactively warn you about the risk of possible additional costs such as detention, demurrage and storage costs. This gives you complete control and allows you to avoid costs.

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